Scentos - Unique Scented Pens, Markers and Highlighters That Are Perfect for Your Kids

The traditional markers and pens that we use can come off as boring for our children. If you want to give your child unique pens and highlighters that are unique and fun, then these Scentos® are perfect for kids! Scentos come in many colors that your child will love to use in coloring art books, drawings and many more. These pens also come in crazy shapes that will give your child a lot of fun even when they are just looking at it. Your child will also love that these Scentos come in two different tips: there is the fat tip nib markers that are perfect for coloring and chisel tip markers that work great for highlighting notes and reading materials at school. But what really sets the Scentos apart from other pens, markers and highlighters is that along with their vibrant colors and crazy designs, each Scentos come with its own juicy scent! Not only will your child have fun drawing and coloring with them, they will also definitely enjoy sniffing on these Scentos. Little children will definitely look forward to color and write because of the sweet smell that these Scentos give. School children will stand out from the rest of the class due to their juicy smelling pens. So if you want to give unique pens that your child will love to use, Scentos is the pen, marker and highlighter set to give!

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