Schticky - Handheld Sticky Lint Roller Provides Quick Clean Up at Lower Cost. As Seen On TV with Vince Offer.

Sometimes you want to clean up small messes quickly without dragging out a broom, vacuum, or mop. For those little dry spills there is the Schticky™ lint roller. The Schticky roller is perfect for quickly cleaning up lint, dust, hair, food crumbs and other dry messes. Just roll the Schticky over your cabinets or stairs for a fast clean up. Schticky is also great for cleaning up pet hair from your rugs, couch, bed, blankets or chairs. Take it in your car or truck for easy cleaning of the seats and floors. Schticky is great for use on clothing as well and is safe for wool, velvet, and nearly any kind of fabric. Most other brands of handheld sticky lint rollers are paper-based, so when the paper runs out you have to buy a new one. Schticky is made of silicone, so it is washable and re-usable. You may have seen the Schticky on TV in the commercial/infomercial starring Vince Offer of ShamWow fame. There is also a smaller model called the Little Schticky, which is perfect for carrying with you in case of unwanted dandruff or other kinds of dirt on your clothes. Then there is the Big Schticky, which is perfect for larger messes on floors and carpets, and includes a brush attachment to get out the hairs that are deeply embedded in your carpet. Try the Official Schticky™ for Yourself for Only $19.95 with a 10-Year Limited Warranty!

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