Scratch + Aide Scratch Mender - Reviews Say This is a Practical Solution to Getting Rid of Wood Scratches

If you have a lot of wood furniture and parts in your home then it cannot be avoided that these surfaces will be scratched and scuffed, leaving scratch marks that can be very distracting and extremely annoying to look at. Instead of having these wood pieces professionally restored, costing you a lot of money, the Scratch + Aide Scratch Mender™ is the product that you will want to be using. Developed by Dutch Glow and seen on, this product is the most practical yet extremely effective solution to getting rid of the scratches on your wood pieces at home. To use, simply apply the Dutch Giow Scratch + Aide Scratch Mender onto the nasty scratch, smooth the area out with the enclosed spatula, allow to dry and you will instantly see that the scratch just disappears. The ScratchAide fills and then absorbs the surrounding wood colour, making the wood surface look perfect again with very little effort on your part. What a lot of reviews love about the product is that it works with different shades and colours of wood so even if you have light and dark wood pieces that you will need to repair, the Scratch+Aide Scratch Mender is guaranteed to work on them.

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