Seal R Up - Your Very Own Plastic Bag Sealing Machine Keeps Food Fresh

Because plastic is so cheap, we see so many of it in our daily lives, particularly where food storage is concerned. The problem is, what manufacturers and sellers save in packaging, they off load to us in hassles! Seal R Up™ is the amazing new way to stop being hassled by useless-when-opened plastic food containers. This amazing bag sealer is so easy to use, just put part of the bag that needs to be sealed over the special heating strip, press down for 8 seconds, and viola! You now have an airtight seal for any plastic bag. Sealing plastic bags has never been so easy to do at home, and all you need is the Seal "R" Up machine. You can even use it to make hand held plastic food packs for you and your family. In fact, Seal "R" Up is so useful, it doesn't have to end at food. Got a pack of tacks, screws, nuts, or bolts that you want to keep from rust? An airtight seal with Seal "R" Up can protect these for longer than common storage equipment can. Got puzzle pieces you want to save from rot and mildew? Seal "R" Up can easily provide you with durable containers that keep out the bad, and keep your pieces fresh. The applications are limitless, so get yourself a Seal "R" Up today!

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