Seat Pets - As Seen on TV, this Unique Seatbelt Cover Doubles as a Pillow for Kids

Whenever you and your child go out for a ride, more often than not, your child hates to have a seatbelt around them as it makes them feel uncomfortable. This is a serious safety concern, and you can remedy this by using Seat Pets™, the stuffed animal that you can attach to the seatbelt. The Seat Pets come in many different designs that are really cute and cuddly. Your child will definitely love them. Whenever you go out using the car, all you need to do is attach the Seat Pets to your child's seatbelt with Velcro straps, and you are done. Your child will surely look forward to putting the seatbelt on with the Seat Pets attached. This special stuffed animal will also keep your child comfortable on the trip, as these Seat Pets will act as a cushion on the tightness of the seat belt and can also double as a pillow for your child. Not only is it for your child's comfort, but the Seat Pets can also be used to store items. These unique stuffed animals feature side pockets where your child can store his or her stuff like toys, school items and many more. These Seat Pets can even double as backpacks should your child like to bring one along to school. So if you are in the market for a new stuffed animal for your child, these Seat Pets should be on top of your short list.

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