Secret Sizer - The Perfect Solution to Preventing Waistband Gap

If there is something that a lot of people hate when it comes to lower body apparel, it has to be the waistband gap that gets too big and too revealing when you bend your body over, and this issue is caused by lower body apparel that does not perfectly fit you. Now not everybody has the money to get custom tailored pants or skirts all the time, but with Secret Sizer™, you can easily transform your existing jeans, shorts and other lower body apparel into custom tailored ones. SecretSizer is an easy-to-use accessory that you can apply onto the jeans, dress slacks, and skirts that you have. To attach, all you need to do is to iron the product onto the waist area your lower body apparel, and the adhesive instantly attaches onto the fabric. This adhesive is safe on the fabric and will not cause any damage when ironed on. Once secure, you can use the Secret Sizer's button in order to adjust the fit of the pants or jeans that you are wearing, making it very easy to get the perfect fit out of them. With this adjustability, the Secret Sizer completely eliminates waistband gap that could put you in an awkward and very unattractive situation.

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