Self Ease - The Product that will Make Selfies Very Easy to Capture

Selfies are all the rage nowadays thanks to the popular use of smart phones and camera phones but the problem is that it can get quite difficult to take a selfie using your hands only. If you want as much ease as possible when taking a selfie then the Self Ease™ is the product for you. The Self Ease is a tool that you can attach your mobile phone to, giving you more freedom and control when taking selfies. The Self Ease features a locking mechanism that will securely hold mobile phones of any sizes. It also features a tip that can make it compatible with digital cameras or even pro level ones. The SelfEase, when collapsed, is just around 7 inches in length making it quite compact and very easy to bring around. As seen oon, the pole can extend up to 40 inches when used, allowing you to easily take selfies without the limitations that your hand can give. With the Self Ease you will also be able to capture pictures and video above crowds without spending extra time looking for a higher vantage point. With the Self Ease, great selfies, photos and videos should be very easy to do.

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