Selfie Mic - Reviews say this Product Will Allow You to Create Awesome Singing Selfie Videos

A lot of people love to sing and that a large number of people also love to take selfie videos. If you love both, then you can definitely combine them with the Selfie Mic™. As seen on, the SelfieMic is a specially designed selfie stick that features a working karaoke mic attachment as its handle. To use, all you need to do is to clip on your smartphone onto the Selfie Mic's phone holder, connect the microphone to your smartphone via the 3.5 mm jack and you should be able to take great selfie videos while singing. The Selfie Mic's microphone will be able to capture your singing voice better than the built in mic in your phone so you should be able to produce clear and crisp audio to the singing videos that you do. A lot of reviews also love the Selfie Mic's Star Maker app which contains thousands of songs from some of the most popular artists of this generation. Also, the app has a lot of functionality built into it which includes Auto-Tune and a host of full studio filters. With the Selfie Mic, you will be able to create beautiful singing videos that will surely entertain if not wow your friends and family.

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