Serious Skincare The Egg Microcurrent Facial Toning System - This Device Provides Benefits of Face Lift or Facial Treatment at Home

Every woman over a certain age knows what years and gravity can do to the face. Sagging and wrinkled facial muscles are a sure way to make anyone look older. Even the most advanced skincare creams and serums cannot do anything to lift and tone the contours of the face, which is what is needed most. And that is exactly what Serious Skincare The Egg Microcurrent Facial Toning System™ has been designed to do. The hottest beauty trend right now is facial toning using microcurrent stimulation therapy. The Egg machine from Serious Skincare uses the same micro current technology used by spas and aestheticians, but in a device that you can use in your own home. The affordable Egg Microcurrent System is a like a personal trainer for your face, providing facial muscles with the stimulation they need to get toned and lifted. As seen on, Serious Skincare was founded by Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, who considers this product one of the biggest beauty breakthroughs ever. Here is how it works: Take the tool out of its case, apply the conductive gel to area you are going to treat, turn the unit on and adjust the timing and power level, and then gently sweep the tool back and forth over that area you are treating. The tingling sensation feels great on the skin. Use this to firm up your brows, jowls, jaw, and cheeks. Use for 15 minutes or less per day to smooth and tone the face and neck muscles.

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