Serve N Store - The Versatile Tableware That is a Great Addition to Any Kitchen

If you love to prepare and eat delicious food at home, then it should be quite common for you to have a lot of leftovers after every meal. If you find conventional food containers to be very impractical to use and also cause a lot of mess and clutter inside your kitchen and your fridge, then it would be best for you to switch to Hefty's Serve N Store™. The Serve N Store are specially designed plates that will allow you to take extra food from the table to the fridge and directly to the microwave and then to serving again, without having to switch different containers. Serve N Store plates feature an interlocking design on the rims of the plate. This simple yet unique and very innovative design allows you to easily store leftover food without too much mess. The interlock design also keeps the food sealed fresh, and also can prevent the smell of the food from spreading and contaminating the other contents of the fridge. When it's time for you to re-heat the leftover food that you have stored inside your Serve N Store plates, simply pop them into the microwave as ServeNStore is microwave safe. Serve N Store is also disposable, so you can easily throw the plates away if you do not plan to use them again, which would effectively reduce clutter and save a lot of storage space inside the kitchen.

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