Shaggy Shower - Reviews Say this is the Perfect Tool To Use in Bathing Your Dog

If you have a pet dog that you love so much, it is expected that you want only what is best for your pet. If you want an easy way to bathe your dog that is also gentle yet effective at cleaning your pet then the Shaggy Shower™ is the perfect product for you. It is a hand held shower that is specially designed with your dog in mind. You may find it quite difficult to bathe your dog using regular sprayers or hoses as the blast of water can be quite harsh to your dog. The Shaggy Shower however is much more gentle thanks to its adjustable stream of water. The Shaggy hower also features Aqua Bristles which are 45 soft and gentle bristles which provide an effective yet very gentle clean for your dog's fur and skin. The Shower also features its own soap dispenser which further makes cleaning your dog a much easier process to go through. Reviews from users of Shaggy Shower love the fact that not only does the product make it very easy to give an effective clean to the dog, but it also works with any faucet or garden hose in and outside of the house, making the product very versatile no matter where in the house you prefer to clean your dog.

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