Shake and Shell - Reviews Say Peeling Eggs is Faster and Easier with this Product

Eggs are a staple food for a lot of people thanks to their enjoyable taste and also due to their nutrition but if you like to eat hardboiled eggs then you most likely find it to be quite the hassle having to peel off egg shells whenever you want to eat them which take you quite a bit of time and can also be quite messy. If you are looking for a product that will remove the hassle from peeling egg shells by hand then Shake and Shell™ is a product that you will definitely want to use. When there is a hardboiled egg that you will need to remove the shell off of, simply fill the Shake and Shell with cold water up to the fill line, place an egg inside and then shake. As seen on, Shake and Shell features a safe-break interior which allows the egg shell to break and easily separate from the hardboiled egg without causing the egg itself to be separated. Reviews love that this makes eating hardboiled eggs a lot easier and that this product also helps them prepare dishes with eggs like salads and dips without having to waste a lot of time peeling the egg shell off by hand.

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