Shake Stop - Stop the Annoying Noise and Vibrations from Your Home Appliances with this Product

A lot of the convenience providing machines in the house like the washer, the refrigerator and the like are indispensable for a comfortable life, but they can also bring about a lot of inconveniences including the noise that they give of thanks to the vibrations that are being produced when these machines are used. If you are looking for ways to stop these vibrations and thereby eliminate the annoying noise from these appliances then the Shake Stop™ is the perfect solution for you. To use, simply slide the Shake Stop lever or pad under the machine or onto their feet in order to eliminate the noise. These Shake Stop pads are made out of high-tech polymers that are specially designed and manufactured in order to absorb as much vibrations from the machines that you are working. When inserted under the machine itself or under the feet of these machines, the ShakeStop acts as a shock absorber as well as a sound dampener, allowing you to go about your daily routines without the noise from your household appliances that can be very annoying and distracting. The Shake Stop also has the added advantage of acting as a guard for the feet or bottom side of your machine. With the Shake Stop in place, your appliances' bottom area or feet will not come into direct contact with your floor, minimizing scratches and damage.

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