Shamrock Triple Gym - Get Ripped At Home with This Effective Exercise Tool

If you want to get a lot stronger and build muscles on your arms, chest and legs then chances are you are thinking about going to the gym to sign up for a membership in order for you to use bulky and difficult to use gym equipment. With the Shamrock Triple Gym™ however, you do not need to spend a lot of time and money going to the gym, as you can have an intense and effective workout in your home. The Shamrock Triple Gym system incorporates three workout aids to give you the muscles that you want. First is the pull up bar that latches onto any door available in your home. This pull up bar is 8 inches higher than most other pull up bars in the market today, giving your arms more range of motion which will result in a much more effective exercise. The next part of the Shamrock Triple Gym system is the extension bar which latches onto the pull up bar. This bar will allow you to perform various variations of dips which are very effective in building your triceps as well as giving you a strong and chiseled chest. The third part of this system is the suspension trainer that attaches to the extension bar. This gives you a very intense workout that will surely challenge even the seasoned body builder. With the 3 combined, the Shamrock Triple Gym system will allow you to perform a wide range of body weight exercises that was never thought possible at home, but now you can do them, along with the help of the included training DVDs that show you how to perform these exercises.

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