ShamWow - Towels and Rags Can't Do a Fraction of What this Shammy Can

The ShamWow® can transform cleaning in a way that the ordinary towel or rag has failed to do. This shammy morphs cleaning in a surprisingly convenient way. The ShamWow is a product that can absorb 20 times its weight in liquid, whether it is cola, wine, coffee, mildew, pet stains, and the liquid leaves the ShamWow with a single wring. The shammy also works whether it is wet or dry. Review after review after review of the product states that it works well for the house and the car, and can successfully cut the job of ordinary cleaning in half. What's more, it does not make a mess. Once the ShamWow is fully wet, you can hold it up and it will not drip. But hold it over the sink and with a single wring, all the liquid it has absorbed easily flows out. After use, the Shamwow can easily be cleaned in the washing machine and used again. You save money that is regularly spent on paper towels. Absorbing liquid from a carpet is not difficult with the ShamWow. It takes very little pressure to absorb the liquid from the rug, and done twice, the rug is dry and no liquid spills from underneath. This shammy is like a vacuum, and it comes with a 10-year warranty. Try ShamWow® for Yourself for Only $19.99 with 10 Year Warranty and Get a ShamWow Mop as a FREE Bonus!

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