Shape Cakes - Reviews Say This is The Fastest and Most Hassle-Free Way to Create Delicious Cakes with Unique Designs

If you have been looking at a lot of baking shows and cookbooks recently then you may have noticed the great looking designs that are present. You may have tried to follow these cake designs and shapes but you just cannot seem to get it right, but with the Shape Cakes™ however, these great looking and intricate cake designs should be very easy to achieve. To use, all you need to do is bend and twist Shape Cakes to form a mold of your desired design, add in your baking mix, cook, and you now have the cake shape that you want. The secret to ShapeCakes amazing results is in the food grade silicone material that is used in each Shape Cakes sheets which makes it extremely flexible yet at the same time resistant to hit or sticking onto the pan. The Shape Cakes kit also comes with powerful magnets that allow the silicone sheets to securely stay in place on the baking pan. A lot of reviews love how easy it is to create never-before-seen cake designs with Shape Cakes and they also love the fact that the product is very easy to clean and can be used over and over again.

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