Shark Lift-Around - The Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner That Has The Most Power And No Loss of Suction

No loss of suction technology is the height of upright vacuum technology. It represents constant vacuum power, no matter how long your vacuum has been around and no matter how long you have been using it. It is important because a vacuum's suction power determines how well it cleans your home. Shark, an innovator in vacuum cleaning technology now introduces that same no loss of suction technology to the handheld vacuum arena, with the Shark Lift-Around™. The Shark Lift-Around is a portable handheld vacuum that has received the highest ratings in the field of portable vacuum cleaners. Designed to clean dust out of those places where your upright vacuum cannot go, the Shark Lift-Around comes with a special strap that will allow you to carry it on your shoulder, in your free hand, or allow you to drag it along on the floor after you. That means you will have it cleaning under, over, and above all those places your upright vacuum cannot reach. And because it is made by Shark, it has the same no loss of suction technology, as well as the special filters that ensure that 99.99% of the dust, allergens, pet dander and other particles collected by your vacuum do not get dispersed back into the air of your home. Reviews laud Shark's latest addition to home cleaning and recommend that you should add this to your tools as well. Get a Shark Lift-Around today!

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