Shark Navigator Lift Away - Review This Vacuum Cleaner That Sucks Out Dirt Like a Shark Hunting in Water

The Shark Navigator Lift Away®, the latest and best in vacuum cleaning technology, a predator to be feared by dirt, dust and grime in your home. It's called a navigator because it features cutting-edge swivel steering technology that lets you twist and turn this vacuum cleaner around the furniture in your home - round corners and go under seats and tables with ease and without missing a beat in your vacuum cleaning. Like most cutting edge vacuum cleaners today, it has a completely sealed system, meaning any dust or allergens picked up by the Shark Navigator Lift Away stay within the vacuum and out of your home. Goodbye hepa filters, 99.99% allergen containment is here. Vacuum cleaners are a significant investment for your home, and knowing that they will one day need replacement doesn't really cut it. With no loss of suction technology, your investment will last longer, and yes, the Shark Navigator Lift Away has it. Now, lift away, isn't that an odd thing to call a vacuum cleaner? It's entirely appropriate with this one because you can easily lift the suction tube and the canister of your Shark to shift from cleaning floors and carpets to cleaning shelves, drawers, cupboards and other areas of your home. This happens in mere seconds and cannot be found in any other vacuum cleaners. It's all in the infomercial. You can try and review the Shark Navigator Lift Away today, so get one now!

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