Shark Rocket - Reviews Call This the Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner the Best Choice to Give Your Carpet a Deep Clean

Do you frequently clean your house using a traditional vacuum cleaner and hate having to lug all that weight around? You can clean your house a lot easier with the Shark Rocket™ then. It is a revolutionary vacuum that gives the same level or even more suction power than a traditional upright without the heft. At just 8 pounds, the Shark Rocket is a lot easier to carry and handle. It also features Rocket Technology which allows it to give a carpet or rugs a deep clean, effectively sucking out dust, dirt, and even the clingiest pet hair. As seen on, the Shark Rocket can also be transformed into a hand held vacuum thanks to a number of specialized attachments that will allow you to clean virtually any surface in your home whether its wood, concrete, tiles or even your car, furniture or computer, the Shark Rocket can clean them all. Once you are done cleaning, you can easily store the Shark Rocket on its wall mount, and you can easy clean its filters as well. Many user reviews love how the Shark Rocket is powerful and versatile enough to do most house cleaning jobs, yet is very easy and ergonomic to use as well.

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