Shark Steam Mop - The Steam Mop That Does Better Than Your Vacuum and Mop Combined

If you want to clean your floor, using a regular old mop will not do. You need to use the increased cleaning power of hot steam, you need to use the Shark Steam Mop®. The Shark Steam Mop is a light weight steam mop that you will find yourself using on your tiles, linoleum and hardwood floors because of its sheer effectiveness. With a patent pending design that allows it to emit steam as you are pushing forward, and multi-fiber cleaning pads that spread steam out across any surface, your floors will be cleaner than ever before. The hot steam coming from your Shark Steam Mop will break up the dirt and grime on the floor, while the special cleaning pads will pick it up and leave your floor shiny clean. Not only is the Shark Steam Mop effective, it is also convenient. When your cleaning pad is dirty, just toss it in the washing machine to get it back ready for more cleaning. And because the Shark Steam Mop is lightweight, you can bring it to any part of your home to clean up all those floors and surfaces. It even has a special carpet glider attachment that will allow you to refresh your carpets with the very same steam mop. Throw away that old and bulky vacuum. Check out the infomercial and reviews today and find out if you shouldn't just try, but even buy a Shark Steam Mop. Try the Official Shark® Steam Pocket® for Yourself with 4 Easy Payments of Only $39.95 and a FREE Shipping and Get a Portable Steamer as a FREE Bonus

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