Shed Pal - This Handheld Dog Grooming Tool Uses Vacuum Power to Pick Up Shedding Hair

We all love our dogs and cats, but sometimes their shedding hair gets everywhere - on our clothes, on our rugs and on our furniture. The Shed Pal™ handheld dog groomer claims to be the best solution available for easily and effectively grooming your pet dog or cat. Shed Pal is vacuum-powered, which is designed to make it easier to use than a traditional grooming tool, such as a brush. Furthermore, the gentle suction action of Shed Pal is claimed to be comfortable for your pet, like giving your dog or cat a soothing massage. How does Shed Pal work? The massaging nubs on the U-shaped brush gather the hair while the recessed rotating motor sucks it into the canister. Once the canister is full getting rid of the collected fur is easy: Just open the door, turn on the unit and eject the hair. The Shed Pal de-shedder promises to not only remove shedding hair from the top coat but also to pick up the loose hair from the undercoat. Shed Pal is supposed to be effective on short haired dogs, long haired dogs, curly haired dogs and even cats! The convenient portable hand held ShedPal can be used to groom your dog or cat almost anywhere. By regularly grooming your dog, you can cut down on the amount of time needed to give your animal a bath.

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