Shinobi - The Mess and Hassle-Free Touchless Cleaning System

Using traditional cleaning tools like mops or wet pads are not only difficult and impractical to use, they can also be get pretty messy and can even be a dirty method of cleaning your home which can cause you to get sick. If you want an easy to use cleaning tool to maintain your home, and keep the cleaning a lot more hygienic and mess free for you, then the Shinobi™ touchless cleaning system is the tool that you are looking for. The Shinobi features a dual sided cleaning pad that is suitable for cleaning wet or dry mess. Each cleaning pad contains advanced cleaning fluid that easily gets rid of dust and other dirt, as well as keeps surfaces smelling great and look shiny as well. These cleaning pads are super absorbent and can easily soak up wet mess with ease. What separates the Shinobi from other cleaning tools is that with the Shinobi, you do not have to touch the mess or dirt ever again. When you want to use the Shinobi, all you need to do is to first pull the tab to release the cleaning solution. Next is to clean whatever surface you wish to clean, and use the built in Squeegee for a squeaky clean finish. After you are done cleaning, you can release the cleaning cartridge directly into the trash can without the need to touch the dirt or mess that has built up on the cleaning cartridge. With its amazing cleaning ability and mess-free cleaning, the Shinobi is one cleaning system that is a definite addition to any home.

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