Shnoozles - The Best Way to Give Your Child a Nice and Relaxing Sleep

If there is one problem with little children that almost all parents face, its putting their child to sleep at night. This usually involves a lot of time as well as effort, but with Shnoozles™, bed time for your children is convenient and effortless for you. The Shnoozles system is comprised of the Shnoozles sleepy rhyme book as well as your choice of Shnoozles plush toys named Shah Shah and Shu Shu. The idea behind the Shnoozles system is the ritual-based bedtime principle which recommends that you and your child have a bed time ritual that will ease your child into getting into sleep. The Shnoozles rhyme book features rhymes that will slowly make your child sleepy. This is reinforced by the illustrations in the book which shows the characters gradually getting sleepy as well. As an additional reinforcement, the Shah Shah and Shu Shu plush dolls also have eyelid patches that demonstrate the feeling of sleepiness which will allow your child to be further eased into sleeping time. The Shnoozles system is so effective that it has actually won the 2013 Mom's Choice Award as the best sleeping system for children. So if you want to give your child a relaxing sleep without adding to the stress of your long and tiring day then the Shnoozles system is perfect for you.

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