ShooAway - Easily Repel Insects and Pests from Coming into Contact with Your Food

Do you love to eat food in your home, especially in the outdoor areas but you hate that insects like flies tend to bunch up and fly over your food? If you do not want your food to be contaminated by these insects then ShooAway™ is the product that you should get. What's great about ShooAway is that you simply place the product onto your dining table and then turn the product on. The Shoo Away features gentle rotating holographmatic discs which studies show are very effective at repelling insects and pests from flying over food and coming into contact with it. As seen on, the ShooAway feature soft and flexible blades that rotate at a slow speed. Should there be any accidental contact with the Shoo Away blades while it is spinning, the blades will just stop gently which means that it will not make too strong an impact to the object or part of the body that comes into contact with the blades, and this results in a lot less chances for accidents and injuries with the ShooAway on the table. While the Shoo Away is great for regular meals, it is even a lot more useful for gatherings and special occasions where you want to make sure that the dining table is as neat, clean and presentable as possible.

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