Side Socket - Reviews Call This The Wall Plug That is an Organizer and Surge Protector In One

If you have a lot of appliances and electronics at home like TVs, speakers, and own a lot of electronics, you are very familiar with the mess and clutter that their wires bring and can be very unsightly especially in the living room or in the bedroom. With the Side Socket™, you can kiss your wire mess worries goodbye. What the Side Socket does is transform 2 sockets into 6 sockets, allowing you to plug a myriad of devices without having to resort to extension cables that add more mess to the mix. Another special feature of the Side Socket is that you can actually swivel the socket 90 degrees to the side! This ingenious feature not only allows easy access to the sockets especially from behind furniture or appliances, it also allows you to position furniture flush against the wall, instantly giving you more space. Not only that, the Side Socket can also be equipped with a surged protector allowing you to protect your expensive appliances and gadgets from sudden jolts of electricity. Reviews all over the internet agree that the Side Socket is a worthy addition to any home or office as it helps reduce clutter, maximizes available space and protects your appliances as well.

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