Sift and Toss - Clean Out Kitty Litter From The Cat Litter Box Without Hassles

Do you love sitting with your cat on the couch, watching TV? Do you love cuddling with it as you read a book on the porch? Good thing there is a quick, easy, and clean way to get rid of kitty litter with Sift and Toss™. Having a cat is definitely great, but cleaning up after it is an absolute chore. If you get lazy removing cat litter from the litter box, your home can stink up real fast. But getting the kitty litter out regularly is tough and borderline horrific. Using a scooper is messy and time consuming. You can spill sand all over your floor and have a second mess to worry about. You can't just toss the contents of the entire box, that would mean you'd need new sand. You could get an automatic litter cleaner, but that would cost a fortune, and let me tell you that when it jams up you will start wondering why you even bothered getting it. Sift and toss is a special litter box liner that will allow you take out kitty litter without any fuss. To use Sift and Toss, simply gather up the lining via the sides, and lift it so that the clean sand will filter through the lining. The kitty litter will stay inside the Sift and Toss, so you can toss it out into the garbage. It takes practically an instant compared to other methods so why not get some today?

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