Sift Away - Easily Clean Your Cat's Litter Box in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Having a cat as a pet can be a truly fun and fulfilling experience but one of the aspects of cat ownership that a lot of people hate is having to deal with and clean the cat's litter box. If you want to enjoy ownership of your cat but without the hassles when it comes to cleanup and maintenance of the pet's letterbox then Sift Away™ is the product to use. Conventionally, a cat owner would have had to use trays and plastic bags to clean the litter box. As seen on, this is not the case with SiftAway. The product features three interlocking slotted trays in its design. The top tray of Sift Away is the one responsible for catch and then collecting the clumps that may form on your pet's letterbox. On the other hand, the 2 lower trays are the ones responsible for catching the clean litter as you remove the lop layer during litter box cleaning time. The Sift Away allows for truly fast cleaning of your cat's letterbox without you having to deal with fuzzy scoops and plastic bags. Reviews also love that the Sift Away allows for maximum longevity of each kitty litter bag that you buy, saving you a lot of money in the process.

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