Silly Slippeez - The Children’s Animal Slippers That Help Kids Walk In Step With Fun

The fun just keeps on going with Silly Slippeez™. Silly Slippeez are the newest kids animal slippers that move to the beat of your children's walking. Silly Slippeez pop, flap and wink with life as your child tromps about and plays, making play time even more fun. Silly Slippeez come in so many variants, kids will all find one that they will love. Want a zebra or leopard for an African safari? How about a shark or a dinosaur to keep the frights at bay? Or maybe they'd like a cuddly kitty who flaps her ears? Maybe even the kooky monster whose eyes pop clear? Children of all ages will love Silly Slippeez. Imagine them hopping around and having fun with their Silly Slippeez, making all their games and funtivities even more enjoyable and wacky. A walk with Silly Slippeez becomes so much more, and helps the fun keep in step with your kids. Get your children Silly Sleppeez today in any of the six variants that will have them walking, hopping and marching with joy. Pick from Mister Monster, Princess Kitty, Lucky Leopard, Sneaky Shark, Zany Zebra and Dizzy Dino - any of these fun loving Silly Slippeez is sure to bring a smile to your child's face and loads of fun to their life. Walk over and get a pair today!

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