Silver Sonic XL - Hear up to 90 Feet Away with this Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid from Bell + Howell that Resembles a Cell Phone Ear Piece

Ever wish you had the super human hearing of comic book heroes? The Silver Sonic XL™ sound amplifier from Bell+Howell® is for you! The Silver Sonic XL lets you hear sounds that others can't from up to 30 yards away, so you can tune in to conversations, performances, your children and more without missing a single thing. Manufactured by Bell and Howell, one of the world's most trusted electronics companies, the Silver Sonic XL is the most comfortable and convenient sound amplifier you'll ever try. By increasing sounds up to 50 decibels, you can quietly watch television in bed without disturbing anyone else, enjoy the theater from the back row, and even eavesdrop on party conversations without being noticed - and you'll hear everything. The Bell and Howell SilverSonic XL is a compact and stylish sound amplifier that looks just like a cell phone ear piece - no one will ever know you're wearing a sound amplifier. Ergonomic and lightweight, the Silver Sonic XL is comfortable with an adjustable ear hook and molded ear tip. You can even adjust the sound density with the built-in hi and low switch, and turn the volume up and down with an easy thumb wheel. The Silver Sonic XL reviews say it all - with the SilverSonicXL, sound is crisp, clear and vibrant. The Silver Sonic XL Deluxe comes with a handy power charger so you just plug it in at night and your sound amplifier is ready to go in the morning - you'll never have to buy another battery. Hear what you've been missing.

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