Sippy RX - The Specialized Cup That Makes it Easy for Your to Child Drink Medicine

Whenever your child get sick it is highly probable that you will have a hard time letting your child drink his or her medicine due to the sometimes bitter taste that your child surely hates. If you want to make medicine drinking for your child to be a lot easier and less of a mess, then you will surely love the Sippy RX™. It is a unique, specially designed cup that will change the way you let your child drink medicine. Sippy RX has a patented design that features 2 different tanks inside the cup: one tank on the lid for your child's medication, and one for any other drink that your child loves. When it's time for your child to drink medicine, all you need to do is fill the medicine tank with the exact amount of medication and fill the cup with your child's favorite drink. When your child sips on the Sippy RX, the patented split spout design delivers your child's favorite drink onto the front side of the tongue in order for your child to taste his or her favorite drink more while medication is delivered to the back of the tongue where the bitter taste cannot be tasted. This simple yet effective method of medicine deliver will make it a lot easier for you to make your child drink medicine without the hassle and struggle of forcing your child to do so.

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