Skil Accu-Level - According to Reviews, This Product Will Allow You to Wall-Mount Paintings, Shelves and More As Straight as Possible

Mounting paintings onto the wall can easily add more aesthetic appeal to your home while wall mounting shelves and other storage options can enhance storage potential inside your home and at the same time can also add a very modern look to your house. The problem with wall mounting stuff is that it can be very easy for you to get your measurements wrong so if you are looking for a way to make sure that your wall mounting work is as straight and accurate as possible then the Skil Accu-Level™ is a product that will definitely be able to help you out. Conventionally, you would use rulers or other guides that, while they may look straight up close, can be quite ineffective and will make your wall mount work look uneven from a distance. As seen on, the Skil AccuLevel will definitely be able to effectively solve this problem. Reviews love that the Skil Accu-Level is an all in one tool that will allow you to do your wall mounting measurements as accurately as possible. The Skil AccuLevel features the EZ-Mark sliding system which ensures that you will have a center point that is as accurate as possible by simply adjusting the slides according to your specific measurement needs. The product also features a way for you to mark where you will hammer or drill in the holes and screws with just a single touch press. The Skil Accu Level also has vertical as well as horizontal bubble vials to use as guides. With all these features, you are guaranteed to make accurate measurements for your wall mounting work without too much hassle and with as little time wasted as possible.

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