Skil Secure Grip - Reviews Say this is the Best Tool to Use for Hard to Loosen Bolts

If you do a lot of DIY repair work or maintenance around your house then you are definitely familiar with how frustrating and annoying it could be when working with bolts that are stripped out. If none of the tools in your toolkit can loosen or tighten these bolts that you are working with then you will need to add the Skil Secure Grip™ to your tool arsenal. The Skil Secure Grip is a specially designed wrench that features 60 hardened steel teeth embedded into the working end of the wrench. As you turn to tighten or loose, these teeth bite into the bolt that you are working with, ensuring that you get all the grip that you need in order to effectively tighten or loosen the bolt in question. The Skil Secure Grip is also self-adjusting, so it should be able to work with different sizes of bolts as well as different designs, making the wrench extremely versatile to work with. Reviews love the fact that not only is the Skil Secure Grip effective for working even with stripped out bolts; the Skil Secure Grip is also compact, lightweight and has ergonomic features that make it very easy to use.

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