Sleep 8 - Reviews Say This is the Best Sleep Mask or Eye Mask You Will Ever Get to Use

People having trouble sleeping usually resort to using sleep masks, but still end up not able to sleep due to these mask's uncomfortable design. The Sleep 8™ however is the eye mask that will change all that. Unlike regular sleep masks that allow light to bleed through, Sleep8 features a unique contoured design that perfectly fits to the shape of your face, completely eliminating light from disturbing your sleep. Light is not the only distraction that can disturb you when sleeping though, as noise can even be a bigger annoyance. Sleep 8 has you covered though, as its wide and soft straps not only wrap around your head comfortably without digging into your skin, but they also feature sound mufflers that dampen sound that enters your ears. Despite covering a major part of your face and head, the satin material of Sleep 8 not only makes it very cool and lightweight even after hours of use, but makes it look luxurious as well. Reviews love the features of the Sleep8 as it effectively eliminates the usual distractions that prevent them from getting sleep, and that they consider the Sleep 8 to be the best sleep mask available today, and could be very instrumental in helping you get the eight hour sleep that you desire.

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