Sleep Easy - The Easy to Use Sound Conditioner/White Noise Machine Blocks Loud Sounds for a Better Night's Sleep

Are you always having trouble sleeping at night due to the many annoying sounds that you hear during bedtime like dog barks, cats rustling on the roof or car sounds and machine noises that can be heard from the street? Sleep Easy™ is the perfect solution to help you sleep well at night despite these many aural distractions. It is a sound conditioner that helps block out these noises, eliminating these distractions and allowing you to sleep deeply and throughout the night without these disturbances. How does Sleep Easy block out these environmental noises? It produces white noise, a sound that is quite similar to that of flowing air. This sound is proven to be very soothing and calming that it is shown to even put babies to sleep. Another feature that is great about SleepEasy is that the volume is fully adjustable; giving you all the control that you need in order to perfectly dial in the level of white noise into one that is comfortable and relaxing for you. Sleep Easy is very compact and is easy to bring so wherever you may travel, you may easily bring along your Sleep Easy in order to prevent environmental noise from disturbing your rest time.

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