Slim Trexx - Reviews Say this Product Turns Walking into a Full Body Workout

Walking is a great exercise as it is easy to do and has low impact to the body. If you love to do walking for exercise and you want to enhance the benefits that you can get from it then Slim Trexx™ is a product that you will want to try out. While walking is a great cardio exercise and can give the legs a good workout, it has very minimal benefit for building strength and improving tone on other parts of the body. As seen on, Slim Trexx will change this shortcoming that walking has as an exercise. SlimTrexx is a specially designed walking pole that is not only adjustable in height, but it also features resistance technology. When you walk with the Slim Trexx poles on each hand, you will naturally push down on the Slim Trexx pole. This simple motion will actually involve your arms and core on the walking motion, allowing you to work these parts of the body out as you go out for a simple walk. Aside from being lightweight, durable and effective as exercise tools, what a lot of reviews love about the Slim Trexx is that it helps to double the calorie burn that you will get out of walking and will also provide resistance training for your arms and core, improving tone and strength in these areas of your body, and that all you have to do is walk!

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