Sling It - Transfer the Weight from Your Hands to Your Shoulder to Lift Heavy Items with Ease

Do you love to go outdoors or do a lot of heavy work and find yourself lifting heavy items like drink-filled coolers, loaded boxes, heavy furniture and more? It is not always easy and can be very taxing to your arms, but you can help relieve some of the weight and transfer it to your shoulder with Sling It™. This is a revolutionary lifting tool that will allow you to lift heavy objects you never thought you could, with ease and a lot less effort on your part. The SlingIt features a padded and comfortable harness that grips onto your shoulder. From this harness are a number of cables that you can easily latch onto whatever load you want to carry. The Sling It acts as a support platform that will allow you to carry much heavier loads than you could with just your bare arms. In fact, the Sling It can lighten your loads by up to 60%, allowing you to do more heavy lifting without taxing your body too much. The Sling It is perfect for outdoor trips, whenever you move to a new place, or if you do a lot of heavy lifting at work. With the Sling It, you can easily carry loads allowing you to be more productive and will not stress you too much as well.

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