Slushy Magic - The Deluxe Slushy Maker Machine That Is Ice Cold Fun!

If you love seeing your kids have fun, be happy, and make friends, then you want to get them Slushy Magic™! Slushy Magic is the deluxe slushy maker machine that brings ice cold fun to any drink! Using Slushy Magic is magnificently simple, even your kids can do it and have fun while making slushy magic. All you have to do is get the shaker glass, add the refreezable ice cubes, add your favorite drink and shake the Slushy Magic to turn boring everyday drinks into super slushy beverages of fun. After that, you can even drink straight from the Slushy Magic with the specially designed straw. When the drink is all gone, all you have to do is refreeze the cubes, and the Slushy Magic will be ready for more ice cold fun in no time. Slushy Magic will become your kids' favorite way to have drinks. You will no longer have any problems with them complaining about the beverages at the table, and might even convince them to mix them themselves so they can have their very own Slushy Magic creations. It will also be perfect for parties and play dates with all your kids' friends. Slushy Magic is a must have for every parent, so get your very own set and give your children an ice cold draught of fun!

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