Smart Shelf - Reviews Say this is a Handy Storage Area That is Useable While You Are on the Bed or Sofa

If you have a lot of gadgets and mobile devices like smartphones tablets and the like then you most likely use them most of the time, even if you are on the bed or on the sofa, but the problem is that in these cases they can be quite difficult to reach if you put them on a side table or other place. If you want to keep your mobile devices as close to you as possible in these situations without compromising on how they are placed then the Smart Shelf™ is one product that you will want to buy. Looking at the Smart Shelf, you will see that it is just a flat piece of plastic, but unfolding it will reveal a z-shaped shelf, the bottom area of which you can insert in between the mattress and springboard of a bed or under the cushion of a sofa, providing you with a shelf that is close to you. As seen on, not only is the SmartShelf wide enough to hold a number of mobile devices; it also features a dedicated cup area that will allow you to secure your beverages. Also, reviews love that the Smart Shelf features wire management holes that will allow you to easily and cleanly route the wires of your mobile devices as you charge them while they are placed on the Smart Shelf.

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