Smart Spin - A Storage System With 24 Containers and 24 Lids, Taking One Square Foot of Space

With Smart Spin™, working in the kitchen is a spin, according to 8 million people who have made it their selection for their 8 million kitchens. It's in the numbers. They made Smart Spin their food storage system of choice among other systems of storage that are TV advertised. This is because it has the qualities that an ideal storage system should have for all types of kitchen items. The containers can also be used for meals, or as lunch boxes for the kids. The Smart Spin patented design can be stored in one square foot of space on a counter top or in a cabinet. The containers are clear, so you can easily look right through them to find what you need at any moment The Smart Spin has three different sized containers, with 8 containers for each size, totaling 24; and 24 lids. The lids are all the same size and fit any of the containers. They are microwaveable and machine washable. So get smart. Get the Smart Spin and spare yourself the trouble of bulky storage and missing lids. With 24 containers and the carousel, just take your storage items for a little spin and find the cardamon.

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