Smart Touch - The Best Easy to Use Can, Jar, and Lid Opener

Every now and then, you may encounter a bottle with a cap that is very hard to open, or maybe a jar that is sealed so tightly that traditional openers just can't seem to do the job in one try. Forcing open these tightly closed containers can actually lead to accidents or injury, but you can easily open these containers with the Smart Touch™, the very easy to use can opener that will easily open cans, bottles, and jar lids with ease. In order to open a can, all you need to do is place the SmartTouch onto the top of the can, press a button, and it automatically cuts the top of the can without any effort on your part. The cut is clean and without sharp edges, reducing the chances of you cutting your fingers while trying to force the can to open. It also features a magnetic contact point so that the can lid never falls into the can, reducing the mess and hassle of having to take it out. The Smart Touch also makes it very easy to open jar lids and bottle caps, thanks to its unique handle design that gives you all the leverage and grip in order to easily open those tough bottle or jar covers. Smart Touch is the best bottle, can and jar opener in the market today, and is an addition to the kitchen that you will find to be very useful every time you need it.

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