Smooth Away - Hair Removal Pads Work for Smoother Skin. Review SmoothAway Remover with this Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Special.

Do you wish removing unwanted hair could be easy, safe, painless and inexpensive? Of course you do! And you can get the ease and convenience of instant pain-free hair removal today with Smooth Away™, the hair remover pads that leave your skin hair-free, exfoliated and feeling softer and smoother than ever before. Smooth Away is easy is 1-2-3: simply get your Smooth Away hair removal pad, rub it gently in a circular motion on your unwanted face or body hair, and then rub it the other direction. That's it - your unwanted hair is one-two-three gone. Does Smooth Away work? Yes! The secret to SmoothAway is in its revolutionary superfine crystal coating, which gently buffs away unwanted facial or body hair with each caress. The reviews agree: there's no pulling, stripping or shaving involved and it just takes seconds to do. Best of all, less hair grows back slower and finer each time, making touch-ups a breeze with Smooth Away. Forget painful shaving, horrid waxing, irritating chemicals and expensive laser treatments - Smooth Away is quick, easy and inexpensive. There's a reason why SmoothAway is the fastest-selling woman's product in Europe - you can even remove unwanted hair from your sensitive bikini line without leaving ugly razor bumps. You'll get the large Smooth Away hair removal pad, perfect for your legs, arms and underarms. You'll also get the small Smooth Away hair remover pad for your upper lip, chin and bikini line. Massage your skin and remove your hair with the soft, smooth and exfoliating Smooth Away hair removal pads - pain-free and at a great price.

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