smoothXbike - A Compact Yet Effective Exercise Bike that is Guaranteed to Give You a Great Workout

One way to get hassle free exercise would be to use a stationary bike but the problem with most of these machines is that they can be quite bulky and quite the hassle to use. With the smoothXbike™, this should not be a problem at all. The smoothXbike features a design that makes it compact, allowing it to fit a lot easier into any home compared to conventional stationary bikes. It also features a fold-up design that makes the product easy to store as well. Not only is its small size and easy storage the outstanding features of the product, as it is definitely a great stationary bike as well. As seen on, the smoothX bike features a saddle-shaped cushion that is large and very soft. It also features height adjust with 8 different settings that will allow you to adjust the seat for maximum comfort and performance. The smooth X bike also features 8 levels of resistance which you can customize at the turn of the dial, while at the same time features a quiet yet smooth magnetic resistance pedaling. With these features, the smoothXbike can provide a nice cardio workout with the resistance that is apt for your fitness level yet without causing noise or discomfort.

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