Smushion - This Cushion Provides Comfort and Support to Different Parts of Your Body

If you experience a lot of body pain and discomfort even if all that you have done is just sit or lie on your back on the bad then it is possible that the posture or position of your body, or the inadequate body support that your chair or bed has on the body which is the major cause for the pain. If you are looking for a product that will provide proper support to critical areas of your body while you sit or lie down then the Smushion™ is what you need. It is a versatile cushion that can be used in different applications to provide your body with all the cushioning and support that you need. The Smushion is made out of high quality, 100% pure memory foam. With this amazing material, along with the product's compact size; the Smushion can be used as a pillow, a coffee table ottoman for you to rest your feet on, a lap desk, back support for your chair and many more functions. The Smushion is also great for TV viewing as it features a remote control holder that will allow your remote to stay close to you without causing inconvenience in any way.

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