Snack Pets - Reviews Say This Product Makes Snack or Lunch Time Fun for Your Kids

Cold lunches or snacks are types of food that a lot of children love to bring along to school or to outdoor trips but the problem is that with the usual lunchboxes or bags; your child's food are already warm during meal time, making them not as enjoyable to consume anymore. If you are looking for a lunch bag that will keep your child's lunch or snacks cold and fresh then Snack Pets™ are what you should be getting. Looking at the Snack Pets, you will surely notice the cute and colourful design that it sports, but despite this child-friendly look, the SnackPets does not compromise on features. The Snack Pets can be stored inside the freezer and contains a compartment with a provision for a gel pack, allowing food stored inside the Snack Pets to stay cold for up to 7 hours, allowing your child to enjoy fruits, yogurt and other cold snacks cool and fresh come lunch time. Reviews from parents state that they love that the Snack Pets is not just a lunch pack; it also doubles as a place mat for your child. Simply unzip the Snack Pets and your child now has a dedicated area to place his or her food and drinks with ease for a convenient and mess free lunch experience for your child even at school or on the outdoors.

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