Snackeez - Reviews Tout these Snack Cups as the Perfect Food Containers for Kids

Do you hate that your kids need to bring separate lunch boxes and drink bottles when going to school, or do you hate the mess that comes with having to use a separate bowl for chips and snacks and glasses for drinks during family movie day, sports even or a road trip? Snackeez™ is the perfect solution for these problems. It is an all in one snack cup that combines your food and drinks into one container without them mixing up. The Snackeez might look just like any other large sized drink containers but inside, it actually features 2 compartments. The bottom half holds your drink, and it comes with its own straw. The upper compartment is separate and sealed from the bottom one, and it allows you to store your dry and solid foods without it mixing up with your drinks. It also features a pass through area for your straw allowing you to eat and drink off of one cup. Reviews love that this simple and innovative design radically improves how food is served in certain situations. It is perfect for kids, especially when they go out and they need to bring snacks along. Even adults can bring Snackeez outdoors as both the lid and straw have their respective caps, sealing the freshness in and preventing spillage, reducing the mess and allowing you to fully enjoy your snack wherever you go.

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