Snake Bit - The Unique Screw Driver Set That Will Make Working with Screws and Bolts a Whole Lot Easier

Doing repairs around the house usually requires that you work with screws and bolts, but some of them can be very hard to work with especially if they are situated in tight and awkward angled spaces. With the Snake Bit™ kit however, this won't be an issue anymore. This is probably the most innovative screw driver kit in the market today, as it allows you to work with screws that are in tight and difficult to reach angles with ease. The outstanding feature of the kit is the SnakeBit Universal Extender which extends up to 12 inches in length and can work at multiple angles. With this extender, you can reach and work with virtually any screw no matter how difficult the angle or position may be. Not only does the Snake Bit work with the included Ratcheting Driver, but it also works with your drill for a truly versatile DIY tool for repairs and garage work. The Snake Bit kit also comes with different screw tips and sockets, allowing you to work with virtually every screw and bolt size or type with utmost ease. The Snake Bit is definitely one tool set that you will want to add to your garage or home repair tool box.

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