Snap Up Shelf - Innovative Shelf that Will Turn Any Corner in Your Shower into Useable and Reliable Storage Areas

Are you using conventional shower shelves in your bathroom and hate how flimsy and unreliable they can get? Get those conventional shower shelves out of your bathroom, and replace them with the Snap Up Shelf™ instead. The Snap Up Shelf is an innovative shower shelf that features revolutionary design to make it an extremely reliable and very versatile shower shelf. All you need to do is position the Snap UP Shelf into a free corner of your bathroom, lock it in place and you now have a shower shelf that will be able to hold numerous bath and shower items with ease. In fact, the Snap Up Shelf can hold up to 20 pounds worth of weight, so you can simply fill it to the brim with shower items and you are guaranteed that it will not fall down, unlike conventional shower shelves which fall off or break almost every time. The secret to the Snap Up Shelf's versatility is the 2 polymer pads on its sides as well as its pressure handle that allows it to securely grip onto the corners of your bathroom with ease. Reviews love how easy the Snap Up Shelf is to use, yet despite its simple locking mechanism, it can actually hold up a lot weight, which makes organizing the bathroom a definite cinch.

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