Snap2Strain - No Need to Strain Your Pasta Using a Pot Lid with this Kitchen Strainer

Straining pasta, beans vegetables and what not from the pot can be very tricky to deal with, as it can get very messy using only a pot's lid to keep the contents from spilling out. However, with the Snap2Strain™, you are guaranteed a very easy straining experience with little hassle and no mess. What sets the Snap2Strain apart from other strainers in the market today is that while most conventional strainers are separate pieces of cookware, the Snap2Strain attaches to the pot or pan itself. With its flexible locking mechanism, the Snap 2 Strain literally snaps to any size of pots or pans that you may have in your kitchen. It can even snap onto bowls and other similar containers. Since the strainer is on the pot itself, it minimizes the risk of spilling the pot's contents on the table or kitchen counter. Have you ever tried to strain your pasta just to have your strainer tumble over and waste a great meal? Not with the Snap2Strain. You can now also strain and transfer your food directly from the pan to the plate in order to preserve your food's temperature. And since the Snap2Strain is compact and lightweight, you also get to save storage space in your kitchen.

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