Snuggie - Cozy Blanket With Sleeves Made From Ultra Soft Fleece Keeps Your Body Bundled Up and Warm.

There isn't a person alive who doesn't love to bundle up in a warm fleece blanket on those cold and drafty days. Not only does it keep you from turning up the heat; but it also keeps you toasty warm. The problem with blankets is they can be cumbersome and greatly inhibit the use of your hands. If you want to use your computer, eat a snack or even flip channels on the TV, you have to uncover just to do so. That's where the Snuggie™ comes in! This high quality blanket with sleeves keeps your hands free and the rest of your body bundled up and warm! This one of a kind invention fits everyone from children to adults and gives you the freedom to move around the house without having to throw off your blanket. Like to read on the couch? The Snuggie available in burgundy or blue - lets you enjoy that novel without fiddling and fussing with burdening covers. The Snuggie is so roomy and large that it will keep you warm from head to toe. Who would have thought such a simple idea would be getting such rave reviews. The Snuggie is so convenient and versatile you will want one for each member of your family and extras to keep in the car just in case! The Snuggie is machine washable and is made from ultra soft fleece. Not only can it keep you warm, it can keep you from being tempted to jack up the heat in your home!

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