Snuggle Up Fleece - Make Your Favorite Chair or Recliner even More Comfortable with this Product

Sitting on your favorite chair is a fast and effective way to relax but if you are looking for more comfort and relaxation out of your favorite chair then the Snuggle Up Fleece™ is the product to get. What's great about the product is that it is very easy to mount on your chair. Simply place the Snuggle Up Fleece over your fabric covered recliner, fasten the straps properly and you should be done. What a lot of users really love about the Snuggle Up Fleece is that it offers a really comfortable texture for you to rest on. The SnuggleUp Fleece is made out of 100% Poly fleece that makes the product soft and smooth to the skin with the added benefit of keeping you warm on cold days and cool on the warmer ones. The benefits do not just stop at comfort however, as the product has a number of functional benefits as well. Being a cover, Snuggle Up Fleece may be able to mask stains or damage to your recliner, making it look like new. As seen on, the Snuggle Up Fleece features 4 pockets; 2 on each side of the arm rests, which you can use as an area to store your remote control, glasses or mobile devices, ensuring that they are always within easy reach while you are resting on the recliner.

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